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How many of you were raised in a home where manners and respect were taught? I know I was and if I have ever been disrespectful or rude,.…well…I know and knew better! I was taught to address adults, and I have modified this in my adult life to everyone,.….with yes sir and yes ma’am. Now some take offense to that but in my household those were the first signs of respect. It tells you that I value you and will be listening intently on what you have to say.

I was also taught to say thank you and please. When someone did something nice for me and I shyly sat there saying nothing…...I would hear “WHAT DO YOU SAY......?” and still shyly with eyes averted due to being called out I would say thank you… My mom and dad stressed the little things such as giving thanks no matter how insignificant I thought it might be. I would be reminded often over the years to not forget to say thank you.

We finally have it drilled in from our parents. It is funny in a way that as adult Christians we still have to be reminded to give thanks to God. God teaches us to and wants us to live a thankful life. And goodness, don’t we have SO MUCH to be thankful for?

He has given me breath for my lungs….given me life….so many wonderful people in my life…..and oh by the way, did I mention victory over the grave?

We, as Christians, have been changed and saved.

We have been transformed from perishable to imperishable,

Mortal to immortal, and

from dead to alive.

Our shelf life is eternal. I try to get in a thankful mindset each day in my quiet time. I feel so inadequate just saying the words “thank you”…..but living a thankful life is giving the thanks He has taught us about.

Praising Him and giving Him thanks should be the first thing out of our mouths when we enter into prayer with Him.

God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today. Have you used one to say 'thank you'? Dr. William Arthur Ward

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