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It is hard to believe it has been over 10 years, in 2009, since Susan Boyle achieved fame with her audition on Britain’s Got Talent. She did not seem like your usual contestant for she was 47 years old and unemployed and nobody expected much from her. That is, until she began to sing. Her audition became the most watched video on YouTube that year and she has since gone on to sell millions of albums.

When we come across the unexpected, we respond with a sense of awe and wonder. In Psalm 8 David praises God not for His obvious power and might but for how often HE uses the people you would least expect. God has always enjoyed working this way. It is kind of like the ultimate…”look what I can do”….. Think of the vastness of the universe and how it is perfectly set into perfect order and place and how He put all of these wonders in the care of humans.

God shows His strength in weakness as well. He does this on the Cross when Jesus was at His weakest point – beaten and mocked- and hanging on a Roman cross. Most looked at that as weakness but in actuality He was accomplishing the most incredible thing of all time – the greatest wonder of the world – If you will.

In death, he won. He defeated His enemies. He lay to waste the power of sin and Satan and death over us. I have often felt that I am too weak or insignificant to be used by God and I am sure many of you have felt this too. But, God delights in using the unexpected, the underdog and I can relate and delight in that as well. Be the unexpected!!! Begin to sing!!!

The Apostle Paul put it this way, “But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.” 1 COR. 1: 27

“You may consider some painting a work of art however each one of you are fearfully and wonderfully made, formed by God in the womb, God’s handiwork and a true masterpiece….do not ever forget that.”

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