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“Whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved.” ROMANS 10: 13

Some of us are natural, what some refer to as “backsliders,” who keep God’s number on speed-dial for emergencies but otherwise seek direction and fulfillment in earthly things. I raise my hand in shame and guilt for this one. I can say now the most miserable place you can be in life is living one that is a life of compromise.

There comes a time when we must surrender ALL to the Lord and confess Him as master of our lives. The song says “I SURRENDER ALL”…notice it is not some…not a little….not on special days…not just on Sundays….if you know the song, sing this out loud right now “I Surrender Some.” Sounds sad does it not and is sad too. It is a pretty definite ALL. I want to be ALL in.

I have reaffirmed my faith. I am still not where I want to be in that faith. I want to grow ever closer to God in faith a little more day to day. God will walk with me and send those Paul’s and mentors to me to help grow me. And, I in turn, will become a Paul to someone else. I have to make a stand. My pledge to God is I will try harder to live in God’s will for ALL things ALL the time. I cannot do it alone or rely on my own understanding so I will trust and love God…and I will love my local church and I will love others.

For I am a sinner who knows that Jesus Christ died on the cross for my sins!

I have chosen to turn from my sins.

I have asked the Lord and reaffirmed this decision for Him to come into my life and be my SAVIOR and LORD!

I have chosen to follow Him.

The words have been spoken!

They must now be lived from here until all eternity!

I know I will stumble along the journey, but God in me, Jesus in me, the Holy Spirit in me, will grab my arm and help me and steady me!

Stay the course !


Although I had lived a far from perfect life, my heart and soul belonged to God, county, and family long before the Navy got hold of me.”


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