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“Your attitude must be like my own, for I, the Messiah, did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give my life as a ransom for many” (Matthew 20:28 TLB).

Do you want to know the secret to a good relationship, no matter what type of relationship it is? There have been, studies done, courses designed, books written, an infinite amount of magazine articles written , with all postulating on the subject of relationships. All of those things, and I have the secret right here in my hand. Well, actually in my mind as I write. Hmmm…the secret to a great relationship of any kind…I wonder if I can stretch this answer out into a book or maybe a mini-series or even a blockbuster movie….with part II, III, IV..Etc..

Well, nice thought, I have told you I am a dreamer right? So what is the secret to relationships Bob? 3 simple words really. BE A SERVANT. You must learn to serve.

Most problems in all relationships revolves around self-centeredness. I know, because that is one thing I was very good at, self-centeredness. I want what I wanted and when I wanted it which was usually immediately. The problem is the other player in the relationship dynamic usually felt the same so you have no one moving toward the other and nothing but conflict arises.

So, you should step out of your own shadow and into the others and learn to serve. Serve them, serve others. When you serve, you are changed. When one of the players changes, the relationships will change. Simply put, this is what God wants. God wants us to be unselfish. It seems like a simple task but for most it really is a lifelong study. The bad news is that most people go an entire life without learning to be unselfish and to be a servant.

We can choose to be different. We can learn to be unselfish. How.. You say? Again, it took be a long time to come to this conclusion, and for most it would be simple, but again, I am slow to that ……but the simplistic answer again is …….Copy Jesus. He is supposed to be living in us anyway. We are to let people see Him in us. So we should be doing the things He would do.

The verse today says for us to have an attitude like His. The Messiah, who is our Savior and Lord right? He says he came to serve and not be served. Sooooooo…should I not be serving as opposed to being served? He gave His life as a ransom for all who would believe! We are to do the same.

Notice how Jesus dealt with others in all the stories in the Bible.

Notice how He always put others before self.

Imitate Jesus. Live your life not for your benefit but for the benefit of others.

Jesus consistently did this throughout the Gospels.

Learn to be a servant, live for the benefit of others, be more like Jesus. All your relationships will improve, you will become more like Jesus, and you will be more respected and loved by your friends. People want to be around those trying to serve. I know I do. Further others agendas.

Don’t be interesting……be interested….in others

Learn to listen and be interested in what you hear = the appearance of the greatest person in the world.

Most are only interested in themselves…remember the self-centered issue stated earlier.

When you are interested in others, they value you.

The Bible says of serving unselfishly, “If you serve Christ with this attitude, you will please God, and others will approve of you, too” (Romans 14:18 NLT).

Unselfishness will transform your relationships

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