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Thank You! We get so hurried in our lives these days that we often forget to give thanks. We have a national holiday to remind us to stop and give thanks but this needs to be a daily practice. We need to unleash the power of those 2 simple words, thank you! Make them part of your regular vocabulary. Develop a thankful heart where your first response or reply to any circumstance or situation is one that comes from a heart that knows it is blessed and is thankful and full of praise for the one who completes us, our Father in Heaven

Paul, in his writings, often thanked God for the believers he was writing to. He remembered the believers constantly. Paul and his circle encouraged one another in faith constantly. They, as we do, share a bond as Christ followers. We grow stronger, together in our faith. Be kind to everyone exhibiting a thankful heart for them!

Paul recognized, that 2 of the most powerful words in the world are THANK YOU. Who do we overlook when it comes to giving them thanks? I want to make a point to have the words THANK YOU constantly on my lips. I want to say thank you when I see someone I need to thank. It can be big or small. Also, and most importantly, I want to thank God for all of the people in my life. Won’t you join me in making thank you your 2 most spoken words?

“I think that is a better thing than thanksgiving: thanks-living. How is this to be done? By a general cheerfulness of manner, by an obedience to the command of Him by whose mercy we live, by a perpetual, constant delighting of ourselves in the Lord, and by a submission of our desires to His will.” – Charles Spurgeon

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