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Updated: Apr 10, 2020

“There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment(1 John 4:18 NIV).

When someone believes in us, we are capable of doing far more than we can imagine on our own. We may never understand what we are capable of as long as we just had someone who believes in us.


God believes in you, me, and us UNCONDITIONALLY.

We have unfulfilled dreams in our life because we have had too much fear to pursue them.

We could go through life and get to the end with unfulfilled dreams UNLESS we take some risks, and most importantly know that……GOD LOVES US UNCONDITIONALLY

No matter who I am or what is in my past, GOD BELIEVES IN ME MORE THAN I BELIEVE IN MYSELF.

Fear should not stop us anymore.

The verse above says there is NO FEAR in love. PERFECT LOVE drives out fear. Fear is about punishment. Perfect Love is about God.

How many times have you thought or said that I’VE BLOWN IT and just threw in the towel on any dream you had. God says do not be afraid and try again. LET ME SHARE THIS STORY I READ:

This guy was around 13 years old and he lived in Northern California, home to the redwoods.

He was in shop class, and they had a project where everyone was supposed to make something.

He wanted to make a redwood table for his mom and dad.

Unfortunately, he had zero artistic or crafting ability with which I can identify with.

He worked on that table for six month, but it was still a mess.

One day, his dad heard him sobbing over his table.

He told his dad of the mess he had made of it. He wanted so badly for it to be nice, but it was awful.

He never forgot what his dad told him: “Son, it’s okay. We can start over, and this time I’ll help you.”

You see, his dad was a master carpenter. The boy knew that if his father said he’d help, they would succeed.

That is how I felt about my earthly father as well. If he helped, it would work.

But the coolest thing is this.

Your heavenly Father is telling you the same thing today. You may have messed up. You may feel as if your dream is dead.

But God says to you today, “It’s okay. We can start over, and this time I’ll help you.”

And when God says he’ll help, you can do anything.

“With God on your side, you will prevail.”

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