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GOD’S Bob April 5, 2021

I believe most of us have written some form of a love letter to someone or received one during our lives. You know how good it can feel letting a loved one know how much you love them or receiving those thoughts from someone else. They are letter meant to uplift. I want to talk briefly about a love letter from our Creator, God! God’s Word is His love letter to us, but I want us to consider another love letter He has written for us. I read recently of the “love letter” God has written to us all in the design of the universe. This one is big!

It is called the Laniakea Supercluster: Astronomers have found a way to map superclusters of galaxies and have named ours “Laniakea.” It consists of about 100,000 galaxies and stretches come 520 million light-years across. Images reveal that our Milky Way is set within this Supercluster. The cool thing is the Milky Way is set within this cluster in such a way and in just the right position as to preserve our galaxy’s spiral structure that is essential for complex life. The even cooler thing is our spot in the supercluster IS THE ONLY PLACE HUMAN LIFE COULD POSSIBLY THRIVE.

No matter how far away we look, God is optimizing our universe to be our home. You say, “what does this have to do with a love letter?” God set this all in motion for every one of us. Not only has He set that in motion He has communicated to each of us through His Word. The Bible or, how some refer to it as, the Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth! I know as men we are not big on instruction manuals, but I do believe this one is THE one you will want to read, study, and learn. Do it, follow what is says, and it will keep you in good stead with all your loved ones and everyone we are commanded to love as ourselves.

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