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“It is not good for the man to be alone(Genesis 2:18 NIV).

I do not know if this is common for all who experience loneliness but I can speak for me. It seems to me that the ones who experience loneliness the most are the ones who crave not to be lonely the most. I heard loneliness described as homesickness for God. We just do not recognize it. I do know that it is a homesickness for something.

We were made to have an intimate, personal relationship with Jesus Christ. This relationship is one that God, through Jesus, has literally died to have with you/me. Lonely people crave to be loved. How much more love can you get? His Son DID die so we would not be alone and have a relationship with Him. Nothing will ever compensate for or replace that kind of love fulfillment. No other person, experience, drug, success, or thing or possession will ever come close to matching that.

God created that aching hole in your heart for Himself that only He can fill. HE is the creator of the world and universe and all that is in it…HE…who loves my soul…HE who reached out to me to save my soul…..HE..GOD..YAHWEH….THE ONE AND THE SAME..THE ALPHA AND OMEGA…..wants to know me? He wants to hang out with me?


1 OPEN OUR LIFE TO JESUS CHRIST - “Jesus Christ, I WANT to get to know you. I

WANT to learn to love you the way you loved me. I WANT to have a relationship with Jesus Christ. “

We are made for a relationship not of religion, fear, rules, regulations, and rituals. BUT a relationship where we talk to God ALL the time and He works through and in us.

2 JOIN A CHURCH FAMILY - I tried the Lone Ranger approach to Christianity. It did not work well for me. Find a place to serve and get involved. Plug in. Find a small group within that church where people get to know you and you them. This will become the support network you need to go through both the bad times as well as good times together. Take a chance. Take a risk. Join a small group.

Christians are lonely because they are sitting rather than serving.

This world is full of people who are lonely and waiting to be cared for and loved.

Visit an elderly person who has not had a visitor in years.

Mentor or be a positive influence for that young teenager who has no idea what to do in life.

Befriend that lonely single adult who goes home every night to a lonely apartment.

Be a comfort to the widow with children who is fresh from losing their spouse.

The world is full of people waiting to be loved.

I used to, in the main throws of my pity parties, say “I don’t have anybody or I don’t have any friends”

How different it would have been if I had instead said “God, who can you use me to minister to? What person can I show your love to?

Commit yourself to being the friend to lonely people. That is a significant and worthy effort.


“Look for yourself and you will find loneliness and despair. But look for Christ and you will find Him and everything else.”

C.S. Lewis

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