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GOD’S Bob June 19, 2020

“Then this Daniel distinguished himself above the governors and satraps, because an excellent spirit was in him; and the king gave thought to setting him over the whole realm.” Daniel 6: 3

Daniel was led by his spirit life. It was his top priority in his life and not something he squeezed into the leftover portion of his busy schedule. His life was his spirit life. In the 6th chapter of Daniel, it opens with Babylon having fallen. Darius is now in charge of the Persian kingdom. Daniel has the king’s attention.

Why did Daniel command the king’s attention? Daniel had integrity and honesty. This set him apart and he stood out. He was also around 80 years old so in one commentary I read he was referred to as a “seasoned saint”. I have to say I have the honor and privilege of knowing quite a few seasoned saints.

King Darius wanted to elevate Daniel above the other advisors which would make him the most powerful man in the kingdom, next to the king himself. Daniel’s hard work, excellence, and integrity led the king to choose him for such a position. We need Christians like Daniel in our places of leadership; government, school, in medicine, music, and sports to name just a few. Believers need to let their light shine everywhere.

As the story later illustrates with Daniel, power and politics consume men and ultimately leads them to do anything to keep or achieve it. That is why I believe many Christians shy away from the arena of leadership. They, too often, see their work ethic, excellence and integrity cast aside for the lust for power. Like Daniel, no matter what the political or cultural climate, Christians should always do their best work. They should be the best at whatever they do.

Daniel had a ministry in politics. He influenced world leaders while at the same time, now listen and grasp this….at the same time NOT COMPROMISING THE TRUTH. The Bible tells us that he “distinguished himself above the other governors and satraps, because an excellent spirit was in him.” (DANIEL 6: 3 NKJV) Daniel let the spirit dominate and lead his life. “Excellent spirit” also translates to “spirit dominated.” We need to let the spirit dominate our thought and lead us entirely. We are never more focused in the right direction than when the Spirit is directing us.

We see a world that is in total upheaval today. Remember, Daniel lived in the very middle of rampant idolatry and incredible evil. However, he remained a righteous man. So must we. In the midst of widespread sexual immorality, Daniel flourished spiritually. That is because Daniel did what matters: DANIEL NOT ONLY MADE TIME FOR A RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD, IT WAS HIS TOP PRIORITY. IT WAS HIS SPIRIT LED LIFE. WE NEED BELIEVERS TO LET THEIR LIGHT SHINE EVERYWHERE

“Leadership begins with the Holy Spirit in man’s spirit.”

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