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Updated: May 19

Do we? We print it on our money. There was a saying when I was younger and may have been around for some time that went like “In God We Trust….all others pay cash.” If we do not trust in God, we easily become lost. The GPS System was developed by the military initially but today its 32 + satellites impact most of us every day. For some it is how they find their way.

In Psalm 25, David was dealing with a world difficult to navigate. He was being threatened by enemies. Snares were put in place to trap him. There were general afflictions and anxieties and also his own sin and iniquity. In this time, David turned to God. “Show me your ways, Lord, teach me your paths.” Psalm 25: 4

In verses 9-12 David talks more about how God guides the humble in what is right and teaches them His way and that God’s ways are loving and faithful. David trusted God to lead him in right direction.

David prayed for forgiveness.

He knew threats came from the enemy AND from his own deceitful heart.

Being aware of his wrongdoings led him into the arms of God.

He was reminded for his need for forgiveness and need for a Savior

His confession was rooted in his faith in the Lord. “In you, Lord my God, I put my trust.” PSALM 25: 1 His eyes were always on the Lord. This truth available for David is available to us all.

We are overwhelmed by life at times. David reminds us to keep our eyes on the Lord.

The Lord is our real only source of hope.

The lesson from David here is to TRUST GOD IN EVERY (ALL) CIRCUMSTANCE.

Fully rely on Him.

YES, IN GOD I TRUST. He is my GPS!!!

“God takes us down paths we never want to travel and roads we never want to see, to get us to a place we never want to leave.” Unknown


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