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“We know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose” (Romans 8:28 NIV).

Have you ever had to tell someone that? I can’t right now because I am expecting an important call. The White House has an advance caller to schedule calls for the President when he wants to talk to someone. I know the same held true for Coach Bryant. He had a secretary that made calls to recruits etc., I knew friends who received this call “so and so? Coach Bryant is on the line.

So, what if you got the pre-call that said God was going to be calling you. How would you react? Excited? Scared? Would you answer or let it go to voicemail? Would you let it ring a couple of times not to seem anxious or not hardly let it ring at all?

Guess what, it says in today’s verse that God has already called us. I know, it is not a phone call but it is a direct message from the Creator and Living God to you and to me and it is personal and one to one. This call is our Life Mission. He gave us one when He created us. Now I said calling, not career.

You may be called to be a teacher, but that does not mean in a classroom.

You may be called to be a writer, but that does not mean you will work in journalism or write novels.

Calling is more significant than career. It is an all-encompassing mission that is the center of your life and should influence everything we do. God called all kinds of people throughout Bible to fulfill their special mission: NOAH, ABRAHAM, MOSES, DAVID, NEHEMIAH, MARY, PETER, AND PAUL just to name a few. Each of these had unique roll that supported God’s plan.

God has called us to equally important tasks. Paul writes in Ephesians 1:18, “My prayer is that light will flood your hearts and that you will understand the hope that was given to you when God chose you. Then you will discover the glorious blessings that will be yours together with all of God’s people” (CEV).

The greatest of those glorious blessings is your intimate relationship with God. Focus on him, and he’ll talk to you about your calling!!!

“Your most magnificent vision for the future will pale in comparison to the vision God has of what the two of you can accomplish together.”

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