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God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases him” (Philippians 2:13 NLT).

We used to say in our younger days that “God is on my team.” Maybe more correctly, we are on His team. No matter what you and I face this week, we will not face it alone. God is with us. He is in us. He is FOR you!!

The verse today says it …that He is working in us and not only does He give us the desire to do what pleases Him….but He also gives us the power. In the stay the course devotion yesterday, Paul talked about wanting to “EXPERIENCE THE MIGHTY POWER THAT ROSE JESUS FROM THE GRAVE.” That is the power that is in us that we have at our disposal to do the works that please God. Wrap your head around that for a moment.

God is working in us. Greek word energos is for working. That is where we get the word energy. Forget OPEC, God is our energy supply. We are not just relying on our own will alone but the energy of God is available to us. It is a free gift. That is amazing. So when you get a cool gift, you just take it and put in your closet right? Of course you don’t….say it’s a new drone…you take that new toy out and fly it. So this gift from God, why are we/I not using it? God gives us this power no matter what we are facing.

God is with us. It says in the Bible ““I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you . . . On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you (John 14:18, 20 NIV). Just another one of those promises that God always fulfills. He is with us, always! That is some kind of love don’t you think. A sorry lot like us getting this type of favor and love? If we just believe in Him and follow His way. I am not much on the art of the deal but it would seem we make out pretty good in this one.

He is in us, sheltering us. Sheltered with Christ and sealed with the Holy Spirit. For the devil to get to us, he has to go through the Trinity! Talk about an impenetrable defense. Take that Fearsome Foursome and Doomsday defense. THIS IS THE GREAT FEAR RELIEVER!

He is for us. Romans 8: 31 says it “If God is for us, no one can defeat us.” NCV …so right there…when God is on your team, you are undefeated!

He is our shepherd leading us His sheep. When the shepherd leads, there are guard dogs in the back nipping at the sheep to keep them moving forward in the right direction. Our guard dogs are goodness and mercy. God gives us what we don’t deserve- HIS GOODNESS. God does NOT give us things we do deserve – THAT IS HIS MERCY.

First words out of our mouths each day should be something along the lines of …”God, thank you that, first, you woke me up today, and next, you are going to be WITH me today. You are going to be IN me today. And you are going to be FOR me today.



FOR….what great news. ….what a world champion, undefeated team….Sign me up!!!!

“Faith in Jesus Christ transforms death from the ultimate defeat to the ultimate victory!”

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