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Be as Children

GOD’S Bob April 7, 2021

I thank You and praise You, O God of my fathers; You have given me wisdom and might. Daniel 2:23

As adult believers, we tend to want to complicate things. I am a simple straight –forward thinker but that is usually after I have exhausted analysis to the point of paralysis. Now I know there are more details involved but to surmise, it is all about LOVE GOD, LOVE ALL PEOPLE and do those things before considering self. He also says to come to Him as His children and how a child would approach their Father. With the trust and obedience of a child, God can do so many things with us, for us, and through us.

For instance, take the prophet Daniel. He was a youth when he was seized by Babylonia soldiers, ripped from his home, and placed in the service of a pagan oppressor. With God’s grace and mercy, Daniel maintained his resolve to follow and obey the Lord…. Trust and Obey!!

Look at how the Lord used him to bless others!

And it still happens today. I read of a young lady who was born without a limb. She spent many of her formative years in a hospital. Now we all could go into a depression over this type of existence and play the pity game. But oh, the resilience of a child! She is 18 now! She just donated 400 Barbie dolls that have prosthetic legs to that hospital. She said she thought the patients would feel better about themselves and that is what she wanted. In her disability, she became a blessing to many others.

We all face adversity of some sort in life. When it comes, we must trust as a child would the One who holds our time in His hands. His eye is on the sparrow, He will watch over us, His children! We are His little ones…His loved ones!!!

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