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We all know who the world wide evangelist Billy Graham was. His name recognition permeates a lot of sectors. He once told a friend after a 3 month crusade overseas that drew record crowds that “I am scared I am going to get the credit for what God is doing, and that is just not right.”

We see how self-centered humans can be drawn to take credit for things. John the Baptist’s own disciples became jealous when Jesus was baptizing people. In John 3: 22-30 we see where they went to their teacher and complained. (v.26) John swiftly corrected them. He did so giving them several reasons not to complain. In verse 27 he reminds them that the source of ministry is heaven. God is the giver of gifts. God is the author of life. In the economy of God, He is the main and only supplier in the supply chain and we are merely the workers.

In verse 28, John addressed Jesus as the Messiah. John’s entire ministry was preparing the way for the Christ. John teaches us that we all have a job to do. That was John’s and he did it well. In John 1: 29 he said “Look, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!” He goes on in verse 30 to say “The man who comes after me has surpassed me because he was before me.” John knew his specific job and mission was to point people to the Savior. He, like we are, was merely the vessel for God.

John also likens himself in comparison to the Lord as being the best man at a wedding. John was there to serve the groom. John’s joy was complete when he saw Christ coming for His bride. John’s purpose was to decrease so that Christ may increase. John could have been like boastful prideful men and decided to compete with his cousin for the praises of the people. He could have been competitive in nature like we see today between certain messages. We soon forget that we all are servants on the same team with differing assigned tasks. But John chose to shine the spotlight on Christ. HE MADE IT CLEAR JESUS DESERVED ALL THE PRAISE.

Our personal ministries, no matter how big or small, are to be and should be ALL ABOUT GOD!

Billy Graham wanted his ministry to be all about God lest he steal any of HIS glory.

Praise God for the opportunities He will put before you/us.

No matter what your ministry is about; family, friends, congregational, young, old, etc. none of that is about us. It is ALL ABOUT GOD--- HE DESERVES ALL THE PRAISE!

“In doing what we ought we deserve no praise, because it is our duty.” –St. Augustine

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