"Our goal in life is to connect all peoples to Jesus–The Living Spring, one person at a time."

- Rev. Haggai Habila, Senior Pastor


Des Moines, WA.                 .Sunday Worship Services


Edmonds/Lynnwood WA.     Friday Evening Worship/Bible Study        ..................................... (Multiple locations in homes)

Puyallup, WA.                       Monday Evening Bible Study 

......................................... (In Habila home)

*All three locations meet together on the second Saturday of

each month to fellowship and study.


Gano met Haggai and Mary in 2009 while Haggai was attending seminary in Louisville. Haggai was ordained as a pastor in a special service at Gano Baptist Church on May 22nd 2010.

Haggai completed seminary in Dec. 2010. Haggai and Mary, along with their three children, planned to return to their home in Nigeria and plant churches. God had other plans.


On February 14th, 2011 the North American Mission Board called Haggai and his family to plant a church in Des Moines, WA. They have seen the ministry grow into three locations and God continues to bless their efforts.

Below you will find part of their story written in Haggai’s own words:


My name is Haggai Habila I was born into a Christian home. I grew up knowing that John 3:16 was a verse about God’s love for me by sending His only son (Jesus) to die for me.  But my father died when I was six and that changed my view of God. I was no longer interested in learning about God because God killed my father when I still needed him. I learned to be content having Uncles as father figures, and I went to church but was angry with God in my heart.  I even made a confession of faith in Christ without meaning it.

During my senior year in high school, my friend of mine who was two years younger than I, confronted me one morning by asking, “if  you die today will you go to heaven?”  I told him that I was too young to die.  He assured me that at 16 years he was not too young to die, and believed he would be with Jesus when he died.  Six hours later we were walking on the side of the road when a drunk driver came from behind us and hit my friend. He died immediately.  That tragic accident drove me to surrender my life to Jesus!

So I ask you, are you sure you will go to heaven if you die today?

I gave my life to Jesus without reservations.  In Him, I have found fulfillment.  I pledged to follow him without retreating because He is my all in all. I trust Him for salvation because I have no regrets in serving Him as my Lord and Savior.  I believe that in Him is eternal life (John 3:36)

Mary and I were married in 1994, and we have had some wonderful and challenging experiences in our journey of faith. Our greatest love is our family.  God has blessed us with three children: Magdiel Anang-Ada, Michelle Ayyiya, and Haziel Aaron Ahywa. They are growing with a full acceptance of their parents’ calling, and they have joined in as Missionary Kids (MKs) with all their hearts and souls. We love them all so much!

Living Spring Fellowship began as a God-sized vision in June 2011. Making the decision to join this God-sized vision would not have been easy without God taking us through several events that led us to consider taking up this mission.  One of those events included a one week tour of Seattle, during which the Lord seemed to have spoken openly by saying to us, “You are preparing yourselves to reach only one nation (Nigeria), but I have brought you here to see and acknowledge that I have been preparing you to reach the many nations that are here in Seattle.” Honestly, the idea of planting a church, and planting one in Seattle was the last thing on our minds.  But we also knew, “to obey is better than sacrifice”.

After moving to Des Moines, Washington on June 17, 2011, Living Spring Fellowship began. We have seen the Lord do amazing things in our ministry. I believe the answer to every challenge in life is found in the  God’s Word, the Bible. God is so faithful, and we can trust His Word to be truth and life to us in every situation. 

We were created for community.  I invite you to join our community of Living Spring Fellowship.  From the very beginning we were created to live in community with God and each other, but in this current age of technology and amazing scientific developments, we have never felt so alone.  Are you looking to find out more about God or are you a long time believer?  There is something for you here at Living Spring Fellowship!

Our goal in life is to connect all peoples to Jesus –The Living Spring, one person at a time, starting here in Des Moines, Washington.

Living Spring Fellowship is a brand new church, beginning in the Des Moines / White Center area.  Our desire is to share God’s love with the students and families in our community, and out aim is to transform the culture.  We desire to reflect the diverse cultural and ethnic landscape that makes up the Des Moines / White Center region.


Lift them up in prayer. Pray for their strength and wisdom in leading this ministry.

The Seattle area is very diverse and challenging. Send Haggai and Mary a note of encouragement on their church web page or

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