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Gano VBS
July 23 - 27, 2023
6 - 8:30 p.m.

Firefighters Vacation Bible School

All firefighters report for duty!  Send your kids to "Fire Station 316," where Captain Jake, Lieutenant Ember, and Bernie the rookie will show them how to fight the eternal fire of sin!  Kids will learn how sin spreads and destroys like fire, how to fight it, and how to equip themselves to always be ready!  Prepare kids to answer God's call to rescue others with the gospel of Jesus in this fun and exciting Vacation Bible School!


Meet our new
Firefighter Friends for the week!

Captain Jake_edited.jpg

Captain Jake

Jake is the captain of Fire Station 316 
and a strong disciple of Jesus Christ. 
He serves God daily by doing his job for God’s glory, but moreover, Jake is on a lifelong mission to find and rescue those who need to be saved by Jesus. He works hard to rescue accident and fire victims, but beyond that, Jake’s desire is to rescue people from the eternal fire that threatens to consume anyone who doesn’t trust in Jesus. Jakerespects Ember, his station lieutenant, but he is concerned by her 
lack of commitment to Christ. 

Lieutenant Ember.gif

Lieutenant Ember

Ember is a veteran firefighter who has worked very hard to get where she is. As a believer in Jesus, Ember once understood the importance of giving her all to Jesus, but in her career, Ember has become burned out. Her spark for Christ is gone, and although God has never left her, Ember has become cynical and tends to try doing everything by her own strength. Despite the fact that Ember is still mostly a nice person, she is so unenthusiastic about God that even Captain Jake has all but given up on her.



Bernie is a rookie “probie” firefighter with lots to learn. Although he is good natured, Bernie is very clumsy, often starting accidental fires in the Fire Station, much to the embarrassment of Station 316. Ember has little patience for Bernie, who seems to clumsily follow her around. Bernie does not start out as a believer in Christ, but he is eager to learn. By the time VBS week is over, Bernie becomes an enthusiastic disciple of Christ and a model firefighter, even succeeding in re-igniting Lieutennant Ember’s spark for Jesus.

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